Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tip s for going out out for the first time

My younger cousin turned 18 this week so her sister and I took her out for her very first night out in Liverpool. We bombarded her with all our helpful tips guided by our own experiences and so I thought I’d share a few here and you can maybe add some of your own for any soon-to-be 18 year olds.

Wear big knickers.

First and foremost, I’m a very happy drunk. I love going out to throw shapes, jump around and with the right amount of alcohol I also like to fall down. A lot. It’s no big deal because vodka has the magical properties of turning concrete into a trampoline (until the next day) so I don’t stay down for long but flashing your downstairs to a load of strangers can take the edge off a magnificent, Olympic-esque drop bounce... Read more

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Chester Zoo

Anyone else been watching Our Zoo? The programme about George Mottershead and his family and how the zoo started? I've really been loving it and it makes me so happy that Chester is literally down the road. Took advantage of the kids being in school this week and went for a visit.

Glynn took most of these but I did take some! My eyesight's getting worse!

There was about 100 photos of meerkats alone. No one can resist baby meerkats.

These parents were sheltering two babies from danger!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Quiet time

Had a little gap from blogging and writing, not on purpose, but between work and being a bit unwell I've felt quite drained lately and can't seem to find the time. So many things have been going on though, I'm now enrolled on THREE online courses: journalism, blogging and makeup artistry. The journalism one I should really get a wiggle on with but it's not the most gripping, just 250 pages to read then write answers to some questions (ah well, I still have until April...). Bought A Beautiful Mess's Blog Life course which is super exciting because eventually that's what I'd like to have, an amazing blog business like they do. I think my ideas are a bit here, there and everywhere for that though. Most recently, I've signed up to a level to MUA course, which I already love because I love makeup and a lot of the beginning of it is all drawing!

If that wasn't enough, I've been keeping up my exercise and gymming it! You can follow me on Pumpup if you have it (lauracmcnally) and if you don't I'd recommend it. It's like Instagram for fitness and it's really encouraging because you can see other people plodding along like you. And it manages to make healthy food look beautiful as well.

Glynn and I even went to an open casting to be extras in a new major film being filmed in the area, so keep your eyes peeled and I'll give you info when I can but those non-disclosure forms are pretty binding.

Thankfully I'm on a week off work, which is sorely needed and by the time I publish this post I'll already have been the zoo and hopefully some other fun stuff, photos of baby red pandas are on the horizon! So I'm going to soak up every second of relaxation. x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Glossybox September 2014 review

It's worth buying just for that beautiful box!!

Matte top coat - Nails Inc
full size (£12)

You never need to buy a matte polish again because this just does it for you! So it's very entertaining 'watching paint dry' and become non-shiny. The highlight of this for me is that it dries so fast that I can't smudge my nails! The bad side is it doesn't work well as a top coat because it chips so easily...

Normaderm Hydrating Care & Normaderm Night Detox - Vichy
samples (full size - about £15 each)

Put it this way, I've already bought the full sized versions of both and use them religiously. I'm not sure if it's because my heavily spotty skin cleared up as soon as using them or that they smell beautiful but I love them. I already use Vichy foundation (I also bought the BB cream now my face is better), it's fast becoming my favourite brand,

Mythic Masque - L'Oreal Professionnel
full size (£15.50)

I'm not sure if I noticed any real difference. Although for a tiny pot, which I was convinced was only going to last me one, maybe two, uses, it held it's own. Turns out you don't need to use too much.

Brightening Enzyme and Acid Peel - Skinpep
sample (full size - £89.99)

Again, I'm not sure if I can attribute my skin clearing up to this stuff. I still have one sample sachet still to go though. It felt like it was working and I must admit my usually flaky face was as smooth as. It did go flaky again the next day, although still felt soft. I would like to buy this product but that price is ridiculous.

More Brows - ModelCo
full size (£15)

I really like this stuff, it's a good colour for my brows. You don't have to use a lot and it sticks down my fast growing brows in between threadings. I might buy the full one...

Haven't reviewed the eye cream as I don't tend to use them and wouldn't know what it's supposed to do, to be perfectly honest.

October's Glossybox is popart themed and looks amaaaaaazing! Can't wait!