Monday, 7 July 2014

Much books, many films

I love doing reviews but truth is I'm currently plowing through films and books at the moment like there's no tomorrow! So I don't quite see the point in publishing a review when the film's about to end at the cinema. Brace yourself for mini reviews!

Glynn and I have started going to the pictures every week while the Vue is cheap as chips (£4 a ticket) in what we now call 'Cinema Sunday'. We love films and I love being up to date with the new releases, we even pay the extra £1 for VIP seats because they are genuinely comfier than the rest. Our latest conquests have been (no spoilers):


If you're a Disney fan like us I believe you will enjoy it. I was panicking at first that it was going to be another 'Wizard of Oz' fiasco but nope, the CGI was just fine. It tells all the back story behind  Maleficent and who she was before she became a baddie. Without giving too much away it fills in a lot of gaps and definitely bulks out the original cartoon - it even takes lines directly from the original script!

Angela Jolie was fabulous as well, having never actually seen her in anything, I thought she was completely stunning and majestic, she did the role proud. And the part where she's doing a proper big girl cry got me right in the chest, I've been there my friend. Well maybe not in that exact same situation...

The only thing that really irked me was that they were really true to the cartoon characters, so why did they suddenly rename the three fairies? Fauna, Flora and Merryweather became Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistletwit... any need?

X Men: Days of Future Past

I'm not a firm follower of the X Men films but here we join the gang in the future when mutants are being destroyed and it turns out that something one of them did a long time ago actually creates these new enemies. So, Patrick Stewart and the team find a mutant with the power to send a consciousness back in time to their earlier self. Wolverine takes the challenge and off he goes to find young Xavier and Magneto (some time after First Class) and sort the whole thing out.

I must admit the story didn't keep me entirely gripped but the sheer class of the star studded cast did, I love them all: McEvoy, Fassbender, Jackman, Lawrence, McKellan and obviously Patrick Stewart (I've shook his hand don'tcha know?) were stunning and I could look at them all day. Or preferably watch the Graham Norton episode where they do this:

On repeat.

22 Jump Street

I don't really remember 21 Jump Street that well although I do remember enjoying it. The best thing about this film is it's a clear send up of itself and sequels in general. The film emphasises the fact they are going to do everything exactly the same as last time and to be fair it was quite funny with some great laugh out loud moments. I find myself loving Jonah Hill more and more for his talent and genius.

The Fault in Our Stars

It's about a girl with cancer who meets a boy who used to have cancer and it's basically just following their little  romance and the intricate links that has with illness.

See below for my book thoughts. The film, I thought, made a great adaptation of the book, skipping all the really useless bits eg. Kaitlin and keeping the rest. Both the actors were really lovely in it and it tugged heartstrings in all the right places.

I've been devouring books with a vengeance lately and I kind of thank my iphone because I've been buying them on ibooks. I love the freedom to be like 'I want to read that book right now'. It's the first time since before going to uni I really love reading! Long may it reign!

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

After seeing everyone going on about the book I thought I'd give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot funnier than I was expecting seeing as it's about cancer. The truth about the whole thing was lovely and it was nice that Hazel with her terrible situation doesn't dwell on it but also doesn't want anyone's pity. The whole story was a lovely read, I know a lot of people get annoyed with the way they speak but to be honest, if you'd spent as much time as they had being on their own, reading and that you'd definitely be wise beyond your years.

The Unfinished Symphony of You & Me - Lucy Robinson

20902074I adored this book and everything about it. I loved the plot, the characters, the setting, the language, the narrative... I could genuinely bang on about this book all day. Basically, Sally is the most lovable character who, as a child, discovers she has a passion for opera but this is quashed by her conservative family, still paranoid from a past family tragedy and so she sings only in her wardrobe. Basically the story works in two timelines; firstly Sally in present day has just begun an opera masters which she doesn't want to do, when an old flame turns up and brings up all the stuff from the past timeline. The past timeline is Sally in New York with her workmates and problematic cousin Fiona. We swap between the two stories and get a little more insight each time but just when you think you know what's happening there's a dramatic plot twist, I love that it constantly kept me guessing.

I laughed out loud a lot and cried quite a bit as well. I am now recommending this book to everyone and wouldn't hesitate to read it again!

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

My latest conquest. It's all about an alien apocalypse, the aliens are attacking seemingly to rid the Earth of humans so that they may live there. The blurb easily drew me in with: 

Took out half a million people.
Put that number to shame.
Lasted a little longer. Twelve weeks . . . Four billion dead.
You can't trust that people are still people.
No one knows.
But it's coming.

We join Cassie, 16 years old out in the woods currently living through Wave 4 which is were the aliens have inhabited themselves INSIDE PEOPLE! Safe to say, you can't trust anyone. She recaps the first 3 waves for us and then follow her on her search for her brother and along the way she meets the mysterious Evan Walker. It's well written with several different POV's to keep you guessing as to who's who and what's really going on. But the Cassie storyline was by far my favourite and I was all 'I could well play her in the film', turns out they've already cast Chloe Moretz...

Even if you don't read this, whenever it eventually gets made, see it on film because all I thought throughout was how it would look amazing on screen!

That's all for now but give it a couple of weeks and I'm sure I'll have plenty more!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Stupid jokes are the best:

How does NASA organise a party?
They planet.

What does an annoying pepper do?
It gets jalapeño face.

A drum and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

What did O say to Q?
Hey, put that thing back into your trousers.

This girl says she'd met me in the Vegetarian club, but I've never seen herbivore.

What did the mama buffalo say when waving her baby off to school?

And courtesy of Glynn:

What did the bra say to the hat?
You go on ahead and I'll give these two a lift.

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer, I don't know what he laced them with but I've been tripping all day.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Musings of an only child

When people find out that I'm an only child they look at me as though I suddenly sprouted horns, then proceed to ask my questions about it with an almost pitying expression. Well, hold your sympathetic head tilt right there! Here's the pros and cons of being the only child:

PRO You get all the attention.

As a child, this is marvellous, no squabbling with siblings for your parents love, you can brag about being the favourite, no one's going to forget you in a supermarket...

CON You get all the attention.

This need for your parents constant attention wears off somewhere around 15. As they have no one else to worry about, it's you that gets all the questions 'Where are you going?' 'What time are you back?' etc etc. Also, when you go off to university as there is no younger sibling to comfort them by saying 'least you've still got so and so at home' emotions multiply ten-fold. Think bathtubs full of tears.

PRO Sole financial beneficiary (and not just from parents).

This is a great thing because your parents aren't worrying 'ooh if I buy her a car I'll have to buy the other one a car too', and it's great. I've also found being the one and only draws a lot of attention from old people. For example, when I was about 7, my parents and I went on a mini-cruise to Amsterdam. On the coach (packed full of old people), we stopped at a service station and when we came back all these old dears had bought me presents! Crayons, colouring book, singing footballs, even the bus driver gave me a P&O Wally the Walrus backpack! Not only that but the majority of only children are not actually brats either. Probs because we don't have to kick off to have something better than a sibling.

CON Doesn't learn to share.

They're all my toys and no one else's.

Though after a few incidents where I didn't share my sweets, couldn't finish them and felt bad, I'm much better at sharing.

PRO Not having to put up with sibling nonsense.

I can say 'I would have liked a sibling' all I want but who knows what I'd have got; a protective older brother, a sister who's like my best friend, a copycat, a snitch, a general pain in the bum. I know loads of siblings who can't stand each but then loads who love to love each other as well. I am lucky in one respect because I have a LOT of cousins, mostly female, round my age and we're pretty close. And when I get sick of them, it's home time for me!

CON No one to play with at home.

The big one. Unsurprisingly you get lonely from time to time and this was amplified by the fact that my parents always bought me multiplayer games for Christmas. Remember Hydro-Strike? A sort of water pinball and when you hit the other person's target they got sprayed in the face. Not so much fun when you're getting sprayed in the face and your mum gets it on the neck. Consequently I spent a lot of time talking to myself as a child which wasn't a bad thing because it lead be to become...

PRO Being very self-aware.

Something I've only realised recently, I think talking to myself as a child allowed me to access my honest thoughts and feelings and now I feel like I understand why I behave as I do. As well as that, I'm a lot more perceptive of other people. Many of my life/relationship lessons have come from watching other people and where they go wrong. You don't always have to learn from your own mistakes, let other people make them for you.

CON Finding it hard to be around people.

Luckily I've grown out of this now, but when I was little because I'd spent so much time on my own when I went round to a friends house I found it hard to be in their company for so long. So I'd go and hide. I remember one time when my friend's nan found me in the airing cupboard and went mental.

PRO Being easily pleased.

I was just left to potter about as a child, I was, and still am, very happy in my own company.

That's about the meat of it from an objective point of view. On the whole, knowing what I know now and based on my own personal experiences, I'd have liked to have gambled on a sibling and fingers crossed I'd have got a good 'un!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Review: Insurgent and Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I am here to discuss the two sequels in the Divergent trilogy. If you haven't yet read/seen Divergent have a little look here then decide whether to proceed as there are spoilers from this point onwards.

(Can I also express my rage for when publishers change book covers during a series just because it's getting more popular. My copy of Allegiant has the newest and more childish cover. Grr.)

*** Spoilers***

So Insurgent, obviously it was never going to be as good as Divergent for the simple reason that we were all so caught up in the initiation process and Tris's teenage angst problems that we didn't give a sh*t about the rest of the city, so when we're out of that little comfort zone and into the bigger plot it got boring. Fast.

However, I think Roth did the best she could considering that this was the direction the story had to go in. My only real qualm was that I completely lost track somewhere around the Merciless Mart. In her attempt to cram all the different factions so our curiosity could be sated because presumably we're not going to see them again (I haven't read Allegiant yet) I felt she rushed it. When I'd return to my chapter I couldn't remember where Tris was, where she'd come from or who was friends with who anymore. 

Similarly a lot of names were introduced in a hurry so when they'd crop up later in the story I was wracking my brain, like ' who the hell is Cara?!' 

I did enjoy this book, I swear!

Still good on the Tris side of things, I still like her, just about. I can see how she's torn between wanting to give her life and thinking about the bigger picture rather than her relationship with Four and being selfish (ps. Tobias is a terrible name, just call him Toby). She probably does get a bit too reckless, fingers crossed she'll reign it in. I haven't got high hopes for Tris and Four's relationship though, the first two books are what? About 4 months maximum? If that and they've already had several fights which brought some serious trust issues to the fore, that would be testing for much sturdier couples.

Some of the other characters I really like this time around were Lynne, Uriah.. think that might have been it.

As for the ending I saw that coming miles away. Clearly their city had been boxed off and this was why, to try and create society again and keep the peace. But humans are nutters and don't like rules so they should have guessed that wouldn't really work...

Allegiant, first page, 'Chapter one. Tris'. NOOOOOOO!!! Why start changing POVs now?! It is never a good thing to change POV after you've read the other books in the one character's head. Several times Tobias was talking about his parents and I'm there going 'but they died?' Instant turn off.

Aside from that, I thought it was as good as the second one in the sense that she did the best she could with the direction in which the story was going. The whole bureau was an intriguing place and I loved that she pointed out that human's are never going to be at peace with one another because we'll always find a new thing to discriminate and a way to one-up everybody else. The fact it's gone internal is even better and even more ridiculous. It also amplifies the sad truth that, no matter what, human kind is always going to show traits of cruelty and power and pride (in the bad sense).

Bit of a bleak book really.

Still not entirely sure if I like the ending. I guess I do because it did round it off, sort of. The rest of the world's still falling to pieces but at least there's one city that's on the right track. But in all honesty, Tris was the glue that held the whole thing together for me so I really was quite devastated but it was definitely in her character to sacrifice herself.

Overall I enjoyed them! And I need to get my mitts on the film now to scrutinise and compare!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Inside my make up bag

I have been carefully cultivating my make up bag for a while now to fill it with good quality products that also work really well for me, every single day. I've had (and am still having to be honest) daily conflicts with my skin and these were all mostly chosen because they help to keep skin clear.

My nails in that reflection, hello!
The only primer I hear people banging on about is Smashbox and I really wanted to give it a try but the price has put me off. But I did some research and Smashbox have now come out with a whole range of different primers, so I picked up the anti-blemish. I've been using it for a good few weeks now and I have noticed the difference. It really does help to keep my make up stuck on all day. Which is all I can ask for really!

Foundation wise I don't think I'd ever use anything else now but BareMinerals and I certainly wouldn't go back to a liquid foundation. I first bought this after a BareMinerals makeover in about August/September and the original one has only just run out. In fact I bought the second one about a month too early, so you definitely get your money's worth. The beauty of BareMinerals is you never have to use a lot of it, just a touch will do. Liquid foundations make my face feel so dirty compared to powder. With this, you barely notice it on your face but it still gives great coverage and you can layer it as much as you need.

With my pain-in-the-bum skin I need a decent concealer. Boots own No7 instant radiance is a cracking little purchase with a brush applicator which helps, I use this when I'm having a 'cool face' day and want as lighter coverage. Time to explain my face, some times I wake up and my skin changes tones - no clue why. This is part of the reason I like to swerve liquid foundations now because I found one day a BB cream would blend so well into my skin and look great, the next day it would leave blatant orange make up marks. Grim! 

Benefit's boi-ing I wanted to try because I've previously tried some of my friend's Erase Paste which is like super-industrial strength. Put it this way, it can cover up hickeys. So I saw boi-ing as the next one down without being too thick.And it certainly does the job, needs more blending and I use this on 'warm face' days or when I really need it. 

I won't be re-purchasing the BareMinerals concealer when this one runs out (and I think it runs out fairly fast). The good point - I don't feel like I'm putting more crap on to my already blemished skin. The bad point - coverage isn't fab and I find it wears off quite easy.

Oh Rockateur I did a post about this back in October, although I bought it in August. This is the same tub and I've worn it every day. Not a bad word to say about it at all. I would however like another blusher so I can mix and match. I've seen that Benefit did do a limited edition peach blusher called Georgia which you can't buy now, so if anyone has any great peach blush recommendations I am all ears!

Eye time! Where to begin?! So the Naked 3 eyeliner I got along with my Naked 3 palette for my birthday because there was an offer on so you got a tenner off a second item so it only worked out at £2! Not bad! It is comprised of the two darker shades of the palette, both beautiful, both glide on lovely but it is running out far too fast. Only used both ends about 3 times each, if that, and they've run about halfway down. This displeases me. 

Shout out to Collection 2000 kohl pencil. £1.99 and genuinely one of the best pencil liners you're going to get. Super soft and super black. Actually saw a post on Facebook '20 things all girls should know' and this product was number. Hands down best bargain make up product ever.

Smokin' Eyes by Benefit is possibly my favourite make up purchase. Ever. and that's because it's so handy and again I've had this box since august. You get 3 eye shadows, pearl pink, smokey grey and black, a small black pencil liner, tweezers, brown eyebrow wax and pink brow highlighter. The only things that have gone unused are the two darker shadows because I use this product every day. I have a bad nervous habit of picking at my eyebrows and more than once I've ended up with big gaps. Also my eyebrows have got lighter in my old age so I have to colour them in. Preferred this products to Brow-Zings as it isn't as harsh, the wax is just enough to smudge into what brow hairs I have left and leave them looking natural and defined. I also love using the highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes - top tip!

It just so happens the last few mascaras I've had have been No7 because I got them in sets or whatever. Then they released a new one and I'd heard bad things about They're Real which I'd wanted to try so I opted for this. Again, I wasn't disappointed and when my friend, Emma, asked me what'sa good mascara I just said you can't go wrong with No7. They separate, lengthen and it's good application. Will probably stick to their range in the future.

Little extras that I now have room to keep in my make up bag are Benefit's Boo Boo Zap. Similar to your classic witch hazel stick but wetter. Honestly, I'm not seeing any improvement as of yet but I don't want to dismiss it straight away, I may not be applying enough times a day. Lush's Shine So Bright is basically just fancy Vaseline to de-frizz your hair a bit. I was feeling especially thrifty that day and just thought I'd buy it anyway.

I was inspired to get round to it and take all these photos because I went out and got myself a cute new bag and mirror from Forever 21, which I can now fit all my stuff in and I don't need to find a big mirror to do my makeup, I can just sit in bed yay!

The only thing I haven't photographed is my favourite lipgloss and that's because it lives in whatever bag I'm taking out that day. It deserves apost all of its own...