Monday, 8 September 2014

Back when I had an afro...

This is not a sob story about how I got bullied for being ginger because I wasn’t. Being ginger brings all sorts of different types of attention, mostly because you stick out like a flaming beacon of Gondor, but also because you’re rare. I have explained to my partner that if he has no evidence of red hair on his side it’s unlikely we’ll have a ginger child as it’s a recessive gene, however all our kids will carry the gene and we’ll possibly have ginger grandbabies. Red hair is dotted about on my side of the family, my dad’s a ginge so they were expecting a ginger baby and I was to be called Rory if I was a boy – meaning ‘red king’ in Gaelic. Luckily I was a girl but because I’d have been a right weedy boy... Read more.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


The Maze Runner: Read it before you see it
I spotted the trailer for this while at another film and was sure I’d heard about the book so I thought I’d give it a go. Even at 23, I still think teenage fiction holds some of the best stories, not the most well written books, but definitely the best ideas. Probably because it still clings to the whimsy that made us happy as children or maybe I’m still reading these books because I don’t want to grow up – that seems more likely.
So the story: Thomas wakes up in the dark in what he thinks is an ascending metal cage. He has no memory of where he’s come from or anything about himself, just that his name is Thomas. When the cage stops and the doors thrown open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by a large gang of boys who pull him out and use a lot of slang words. Read more

People Peeves

 The thing that makes us unique as humans is we can bond over a feeling mutual loathing. So gather round people and let’s feel like better friends:
1. When at the crossing and they see you press the button but press it again anyway.
It’s not my fault the traffic’s so busy or that green man can’t be bothered to hurry it up. Just because you press the button it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen any faster than when I’ve pressed it. This person is typically an impatient, elderly woman, who scowls at me as she elbows me out of the way like I haven’t pressed it at all. Fume. Read more

Summer Goals

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t see why just because it’s a new year I have to do anything different.
I become inspired to make goals around this time and that might be because I’m going ‘shit it’s nearly Christmas!’ and because I love autumn/winter and it’s the best time for me, every year!
Obviously my first thought was ‘I’m going to get healthy and drink lots of water!’ To be honest, healthy eating is still a no-go although whenever I eventually get my own house and can do my own shopping healthy food will be a priority but now, when I feel like I haven’t got the facilities, it’s not that inspiring. I will add, however, I have been making my own lunches to take to work instead of just buying pasties or whatever and I am now addicted to those tiny boxes of raisins you had in your lunchbox when you were six. Read more


If you haven’t watched Wednesday 27th’s Great British Bake Off then read no further. Spoiler alert!
This is the first year I’ve actually watched Bake Off and I’m so glad I did.
Last night the group had to make a Baked Alaska, or ice cream cake, which was filmed on the hottest day of the year so far. The programme showed Diana asking Nancy ‘Who’s ice cream is that?’ ‘I think it’s Iain’s,’ she replies as Diana took it out of the freezer. Read more

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Glossybox August 2014 review

I actually started receiving Glossyboxes last month but was too late to review. If you haven't heard of beauty boxes yet, you need to get on it. For £10 a month they send you a bunch of samples/full size products, worth more than your £10! It's very handy for a new make up fix. They also come in great quality boxes (you can use them for all sorts) and they wrap them all nice. Basically, it's a present from you to you!

Highlighter (Cashmere) - Kryolan for Glossybox
full size (£12.95)

This is my favourite item in the box, especially ahndy since I'd just run out of highlighter. It's smooth, creamy and blends right in!

Mini hand cream - Figs & Rouge
sample (full size £6.95)

I'm not a fan of having sticky hands but this rubbed in quick. My big issue was the smell, initially it smells quite sour. I wouldn't buy this.

Pink Nail Polish - Yves Rochersample (full size £3.60)

I love, love, love this colour!  Application was really easy and there's a hi-shine finish.

Elasticizer - Philip Kingsley
sample (full size £38)

Gave this a go today and I've basically left my hair to dry naturally, it's gone quite curly but seems far more manageable than usual. Enough so that I actually went outside with it. But in fairness for the price, I would not purchase this product.

La'Amour eau de parfum - Lalique
sample (full size £67)

I think the names go that way round... Lovely perfume, it's going to have to get in line, I've got others I want first!

Bright pink lipstick - Essence
full size (2.29)

I really like the pink colour I got in my box, it's basically the colour of my lips when I'm happy and healthy. So on a work day when I wake up late and I'm cold, this gives the illusion of being perky and I'm more than happy to pay that minimal price because I'm not a big lipstick wearer.

The highlighter and lipstick have been my favourites, think July box beats this one as I'm still using all those products.